Ways to Keep Thieves Out of Your Garage

Ways to Keep Thieves Out of Your Garage
A lot of people are taking security measures to protect their home, but can completely ignore their garage.
The garage can be a gateway and an easy entry point for thieves. Not to mention, we keep a lot of valuable items in our garages.
You should take a few of these tips and protect yourself from thieves.

1. A Zip Tie

Many people have automatic garage doors. No matter how fancy these are, they can be broken into within six minutes. How you may ask? Well, with the simple use of a coat hanger. Thieves use the coat hanger to reach the emergency release on your garage door. You can protect yourself from this happening and there is no need to worry. Plus, it is very inexpensive. You can use a zip tie to create a loop in which the thief cannot disable the automatic door. You can do this or simply remove the emergency pull handle. Just keep in mind it may take a little more time if you do have an emergency.

2. Keep the Door Opener in the House

It may be more convenient to keep your garage door opener on the visor of your car; however, it makes it easier for a thief to take it. You should bring your opening in the house with you when you are done removing it. You can attach it to your keychain if you have trouble remembering to bring it back with you. If you must keep it in your car, make sure you are locking it in the glovebox.

3. Use a Door Devil

If you have a garage with side doors, the person wanting entry can kick in the door. This is where this device comes in handy. The doorstops are going to screw into the ground and make the door unable to be kicked in. You can even use this product on exterior doors as well for more protection.

4. Frost the Windows

Those who can see what you have and can see into your windows are going to be more adamant to break in. If your garage has windows you should use frosted paint to make it more private. You can even install shades. This prevents thieves from peeping inside.

5. Build it Stronger

When you have an older garage, it may be falling apart. This makes it easier for a person to break in. You should have either metal or solid wood for a garage door. This is going to be the hardest materials to penetrate if you are looking to break in.

6. Turn the Radio On

Would you break into a house that has noise going? Probably not, you would likely turn the other way. This is the theory behind turning the radio on in a garage. Noise will make it appear as if someone is in the garage which makes thieves less likely to break into the garage.
And the easiest way to protect your garage is going to be putting our Guardian Torch security spotlight above it.
Then when night comes it immediately starts scanning the area for any movement. Once it detects an intruder they are instantly blasted with 5 ultra bright LED lights.

The Bottom Line:

Your garage is just as important as your house. You should protect it like you are protecting your house. There are a lot of valuable items that make for a quick profit if you are a thief. You want to avoid having to replace these items and avoid having someone break into your garage. If you follow the few steps listed above you are well on your way to having a safer environment.
Be smart and prevent people from entering your garage.


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