Top Things to Do When Your Homes Get Broken Into

Top Things to Do When Your Homes Get Broken Into
When your home is broken into, what do you do?
Many people are at a loss of what to do when their home is burglarized and things are stolen.
This time to most people seems unreal and they do not want to come to reality.
However, if your home is broken into, you should take these few steps right away.

1. Find a Safe Place

If you know someone is in your home or has broken into your home, you should be calm. Do not make any noise and do not let the person know you are aware they are there. You do not know who they are, what they plan on doing, and how they will react to someone being home.
Take this time to gather your family and find a safe place to stay hidden until the intruder leaves. You want to put a barrier between you and whoever has broken into your home. You should lock the doors. If you can, you should leave your home and meet at a certain point.
Never confront your intruder. You do not want to make the intruder come at you and hurt you.

2. Call the Police

Once you have found a safe spot, you want to call the police as soon as possible. If you have a security system, the police may already be on their way. However, you should still call to alert them about the situation and make sure they know that the person may still be in the home. When you call the police make sure you are telling them
*  Your Name
*  Your Address
*  Everything You Know
   1.  How many people are in the home?
   2.  Where are they located in the home?
   3.  What do they look like?
   4.  Are they armed?
Make sure you are being quiet while you are making this call. You do not want to alert the intruders that you are in the house. Do not leave this room until the police come and get you.

3. Take Inventory

Once you have the police there, you can now look around to see what was taken, damaged, or stolen. You should make a folder that carries everything related to this break-in. You should take an inventory list. You should write what was broken or damaged or even stolen and how much it was worth. You should also state what condition it was in before the incident.
Once you have made a list, make another one for your insurance company. You should have one for you and your insurance. Remember, you want to write down as much as you can about what happened. To help keep your memory fresh, you should take photos of the scene. However, remember not to touch anything. The photos may help you process your claim faster and show the insurance company the damage.

4. Aid in the Investigation

There will be a lot of questions being asked by the police. They will ask questions about anyone who may have lived there with you or before you. They will also likely ask who has had access to the home in recent times. The police will also want to know if you have any security cameras and if you can watch the videos yourself. This will help you with other information about the intruders. You should give the police your security videos if you have them. Make sure you know where to get a report and let the police know what is missing from your home. You should write down the case number as well as the badge number and names of officers who respond to the incident.

5. Call Your Insurance Company

You want to call the insurance company within 24 hours of when the intruder broke into your home. You can file a claim if you have renter’s or homeowner’s insurance. This type of insurance may be able to replace some of your items.
If you can file a claim, make sure you have given all the information to the police. You will not be able to file a claim without a police report. The list to your insurance does not need to be fully completed, however, you need to make sure you know what is needed on your end. You also want to make sure you are making copies of all items sent to the insurance companies.
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