Top Bizaare Home Burglaries

Top Bizaare Home Burglaries
Your home being broken into a terrifying though.
But for a few people their home invasion was more bizarre than anything else
However, when it comes to some home burglaries, it was stranger than anything. Most of the time, we think that burglars are going to take valuable items and go. However, in the cases we are going to discuss below, these burglars had a different plan in mind with their strange behaviors. These stories are meant to make you laugh and make you want to protect your home.
Keep in mind that you can help deter burglars away with the Guardian Torch. This is a motion sensor light that turns on when it detects motion. This could make it easier for you to see at night for yourself and keep unwanted visitors away. Now let’s get into these strange home burglary stories.

1. Pizza?

When you arrive home, you do not expect to have a pizza in the oven for you. I mean, it would be delicious and amazing but you do not want the baker to be your intruder. In this story, the intruder was in the homeowner’s slippers making a pizza for his children who were also there.
In 2013 a man who goes by the name Montego Logan broke into a home in Oklahoma City. He had his two daughters there with him and when the homeowners arrived back at home, he welcomed them into their own place. While the homeowners had freaked out and called the cops, which was to be expected, the man did not freak out. He did not start to become violent until he was questioned by the police about his “home.”

2. Cold Feet?

Back in 2014, a homeowner in Allentown was selling their home. They were thrilled to have sold their home for 403,000. They had sold it to a man named John Pfeiffer Jr. However, when the sellers were sleeping in their home for the last night, they had caught the man they sold the house to breaking in! Keep in mind he would be able to come in later that day as the house was hours away from closing.
Later on, police had found lighter fluid, hickory chips, and even latex gloves in the man’s car. They believed that he was going to burn the house down because he did not have enough funds to cover the closing deal. Was this him saying he wanted to back out? He was later charged with not only burglary but criminal mischief as well.

3. God’s Work?

This story is a bit strange. Imagine, you have known a pastor for ten years. You would not think they would rob your home, especially not on Christmas Eve.
Well, in 2010 a woman was breaking into a home and the neighbors saw it and called the police. When the police arrived, the woman was found carrying fur coats to her car, a Jaguar.
When she was caught, she told police she was moving the fur coats to protect them. She was moving them to a safer place. However, the homeowner had not bought the story. Later on, the homeowner had identified the woman as Sandy McGriff who is 52 years old and a pastor of a church that they used to go to. Plus, to top it off, this pastor has a rap sheet that goes back to her youth! We do not think that her boss, God, would approve on this one.

4. Facebook Obsession Gone Wrong

Well, for some people an obsession is a bad thing. In this case, it was a great thing for the homeowner to catch the person who stole all his goods. In 2014 a man named Nick had broken into a home located in Minneapolis. He stole the usual cash, credit cards, checkbook, and a watch. However, he could have made it away with no trace but he had to go on the homeowner's laptop. He then continued to log into his Facebook account and leave it open. So, when the homeowner arrived, he was able to call the police.
Plus, the homeowner was able to get a good view of what this person looked like. Later on, that day while he was driving around the town, Nick was spotted wearing the stolen watch and police were called. He was charged with burglary.
These stories are so weird, but remember whenever a break in occurs your entire family is in severe danger.
That’s why our Guardian Torch stands guard outside of your home all night. Constantly detecting any motion in its 120° military grade sensors range.
Once it detects an intruder it will blast them with 5 ultra bright LED lights to deter them from invading your home.


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