Top 8 Ways to Secure Your Backdoor

Top 8 Ways to Secure Your Backdoor
Many people do not understand that the back door is important to secure.
Many burglars enter through the back door because it is unlocked and usually not guarded in any way.
We are going to talk about how you can secure your back door to prevent burglars from entering.

1. Install a Solid Door

Many burglars choose the back door because it is not as well-kept and could be falling apart. This means that even if it is locked, it is not hard to kick the door in. There are three different types of doors that you can install
  • Fiberglass -These doors are the strongest of the three-door types. This door has all the advantages of both doors listed below.
  • Metal Doors - These doors are common when it comes to back doors. This door is strong and durable, plus, it is also an economic option.
  • Wood Doors - Wood will be great for protecting your home if it is strong enough. Be sure to choose a strong wood.

2. Secure the Sliding Glass Door

Many people are turning to sliding glass doors for their back door. However, this door usually only is secured by a latch or two. This makes it easy to kick in. There are a few tips that you can follow to help properly secure your glass door.
  • Add a metal back and even security bars in the middle of your glass door. This will make it harder to kick in.
  • You can purchase a dowel rod to slide into the track for the door. The dowel rod will hold the door shut even if the latch is not hooked.
  • Replace the glass with a stronger option. Strong glass should be preferred over tempered glass.
  • Use screens and other security covers. Curtains are a great and inexpensive option so that people cannot see your valuables inside.
  • You can install a security bolt lock.

3. Deadbolt Locks

You can install a deadbolt to help protect your home. Deadbolts should be an inch or more into the doorjamb. You should also be sure to purchase a deadbolt with a very large strike plate and that you are securing it properly. Screws should be a minimum of three inches in length.

4. Light it Up

You should have a light on your back door. If there is light, burglars oftentimes are deterred.
This is because they can be identified easier.
Our Guardian Torch is the ultimate solution to keeping your back door safe.
Just set it up in a few minutes and it will instantly start charging off the suns energy using its efficient solar panel.
Then when night comes the military-grade motion detection will start scanning for intruders.
The second criminals enter the detection zone they will be blasted with 5 ultra-bright LEDs. Scaring them away and keeping your family safe.

5. Get a Dog

Many burglars refuse to enter homes that have dogs. This is especially true if you have a larger dog. The bark from a dog alone will deter burglars away because the dog will wake up the owners and they will be busted.

6. Be a Good Neighbor

Neighbors look out for each other. You should ask your neighbor to look out for you and your family. Ask them to watch the back door once in a while and if they see anything let you know. Be sure to let them know that you will do the same for them.
You are now ready to secure the back door and protect yourself, your family, and your valuables.


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