Tips For Choosing The Best Fence For Your Yard

Tips For Choosing The Best Fence For Your Yard
A nice fence can help your home be even safer than ever. But you want the right one for your yard. You also want to make sure you are not spending an arm and a leg if you do not have to.
There are a few different tips that we are going to talk about that will help you decide which fence will suit your yard the best.

Take into Consideration

When choosing a fence, there is a lot to take into consideration. You need to make sure that you are finding one that fits your home and you need to establish a goal. Are you looking to keep your kids and pets inside? Are you looking for more privacy or are you looking for a yard value boost?
Here at Guardian Torch we recommend one that gives you more privacy and makes it harder for a criminal to get on your property.
You should also make sure that you are aware of your cities building restrictions and what your city allows. You want to make sure that you are following all the rules when it comes to installing your fence.
No matter what fence you are looking for, you should always choose it carefully before you invest.

1. Picking the Best Fence for You

There are many reasons you may want to install a fence. For you to get the right fence you must first decide why you want the fence. You should make sure that you are getting what you need versus what you want. You cannot always have all your needs and wants in the same place.
For example, you may want a privacy fence in your yard, but you need a picket fence. Plus, you should be aware that privacy fences may affect your home’s resale value. This is because privacy fences are a little creepy because potential buyers may not know what the homeowner has hidden inside that fence.
If you are looking for a privacy fence, we suggest going for a wooden fence. These tend to work the best. However, vinyl fencing is another great option. Keep in mind that some vinyl fences are farther apart which provide little privacy.
If you are not looking for a privacy fence, you should use an aluminum fence. This provides you with a fence but still provides an open and classy look.
If you are looking to contain your children or pets, no fence works better over another. This is all up to you.

2. Consider Maintenance

You should always ask yourself how much do you want to spend maintaining this fence. When you install a wooden fence, there is a lot of work required to maintain it. If you choose a vinyl or aluminum fence, it requires some maintenance but not a lot. However, if a wood fence is damaged, it is easier to repair than a vinyl or aluminum fence.

3. Check With the HOA

You may be able to choose your type of fence or you may not. You will need to check with your home owner’s association before making any final decisions. They have certain requirements for the city and what they will allow you to build. Plus, they will have approved materials and heights before you build your fence. The home owner’s association is the government for your local neighborhood.

4. Pick the Right Contractor

You can install a fence on your own but you are going to be working hard and purchasing specialized tools. If you decide to hire someone, make sure they have good reviews and that they are licensed. You also need to make sure that your contractor will get all the permits needed for you to have a fence built in the yard. If you need a map of your property you can find one at the planning and zoning department closest to you.


  • Anna Davis

    I’m glad you pointed out that vinyl and aluminum fencing have lower maintenance requirements. I want to get a fence for my backyard to keep my dog contained, but I don’t want to create more chores for myself. Vinyl fencing may be a good choice since it is easy to care for.

  • Taylor Hansen

    I’m trying to help my mom choose a new fence to have installed since her fence got ruined by a big storm. It’s good to know that aluminum fences provide an open look that looks classy. I’ll have to tell my mom about this so she can find an aluminum fence that goes well with her yard.

  • Levi Armstrong

    My mother just moved to a new house and is planning to install a fence around her front yard for her pets. I like that you said wooden fences are easier to repair than vinyl or aluminum fences. I’ll share this information with my mother so she can have a wooden fence installed by a commercial fence contractor as soon as possible. Thanks!

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