Surprising Home Break-ins Stats

Surprising Home Break-ins Stats
Burglary is nothing to joke about.
I have 6 eye opening statistics for you to see just how serious a burglary can be.

1. Most Break-Ins are from People Who Live Close

Generally, a burglar is going to be living within two miles of their target. This makes it easy for a burglar to learn a family's schedule and be able to strike while they are out at dinner, on vacation, or taking a walk.
You should try to make your routine different every day to reduce the risk of someone burglarizing your home. Plus, if you are going to be gone, have someone get your mail and keep up on the yard work.

2. Most Burglaries Take 10 Minutes

Burglars are going to target easy homes. This is why they do not take long. They can get what they need and want and take off within ten minutes.
To help keep burglars away have motion sensor lights, security systems, and a high-quality front door. You should always keep your doors and windows locked when you are not at home and during the night.

3. 30 Percent of Burglars Enter Through a Window or Door that is Unlocked

A lot of burglars are going to enter a home through an unlocked source. The most ideal places are windows on the first floor and doors that are not locked. This is especially true if the windows or doors are being covered by vegetation.
Make sure you are keeping all entry points locked and alarmed even if you are home. Keep all shrubs and trees trimmed to ensure that your home is less appealing.

4. 34 Percent of Burglars Enter Through the Front Door

Burglars are going to generally look for easy targets. This means people who do not lock their doors or people who have weak or flimsy doors. Burglars are going to walk through open doors and simply kick down ones that are not sturdy.
Lights should be placed around your front door. This should be a motion sensor light. You should always keep doors locked and make sure that your door is not flimsy and the lock is durable.

5. Master Bedrooms are the First Target

Many people do not hide their valuables in great spots and burglars know this. Most of the time burglars are going to head to the master bedroom because this is where people try to hide their valuables in their dressers and shelves. Closets, under beds, and other areas are on their list.
You should always store valuables in a safe that is either bolted to the floor or the wall. You should also always hide valuables in unlikely locations that look boring.

6. On Average, $2,251 Is How Much Property Dollar is Lost Per Burglary

In 2014 alone over 3.9 billion dollars were taken during burglaries. Keep in mind that 75 percent of these locations were residential.
If want to deter criminals from making your family and valuables the next victim of a burglary, our Guardian Torch stands guard at night.  
Just attach it to at your front door, back door, side doors & windows and it uses military-grade motion detection to scan for intruders. Once anyone steps into the area they will be blasted with 5 ultra-bright LED lights to deter them from stepping foot inside your home.
And they are solar powered meaning no annoying battery replacements or wiring!


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