Reliable Places to Hide Your Spare Keys

Reliable Places to Hide Your Spare Keys
When you lock yourself out of the house, what do you do?
You turn to your spare key..
But what if someone else discovered it and had full access to your house. That could lead to burglary or worse..
But I have some quick places to hide a spare key instead of obvious places like under the welcome mat.

1. A Neighbor

One of the best places you can secure your spare key. You want to make sure that your neighbor is a good friend and very trustworthy. Do not leave your key with a sketchy neighbor. Even if you have a burglar that goes through every hiding spot possible, they will never get this key.
However, you need to make sure that the key you are handing to the neighbor does not have anything to identify it to you. Plus, make sure that you know who you are handing it to. Do not hand it to someone you are not familiar with or do not entirely trust. If you do not want to leave a key with the neighbor, we understand. That is why we have four other ideas for you to try!

2. Under the Dog House

For a burglar to succeed, they need to have quiet around them. The noisier they are, the more likely they will be caught. This is why burglars tend to stay away from dog houses and houses that own dogs in general.
Use this to your advantage, hide the spare key to your home under the dog’s house to keep it as safe as possible. If you believe that your dog is not scary enough to scare a burglar away, the dog house alone should do the trick. Dog houses, in general, say that there is a dog and you can even have a larger dog house to make it look like your dog is bigger than he or she is. No burglar wants to mess with dogs.

3. In a Fake Sprinkler Head

This one is a little outside of the box but it can come in handy. If you do not want your neighbors to have your house key and you do not have a dog, you can use a fake sprinkler head. Many people use fake rocks and these are just too easy to point out. A fake sprinkler head will be harder to detect than a fake rock. As long as you have a sprinkler system in place at the house, you are easily able to use this one.

4. Inside an Outdoor Grill

There are many different parts that you can hide a key in with an outdoor grill. Grills have many different compartments and areas where no one would think to look to find a spare key. Just make sure that your key is not in plain sight. You can use a magnet to secure the key to the inside of the grill in a hidden area.
Using one of these 4 places for a spare key should give you more confidence your key won’t end up in the wrong hands.
This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to keep your home safe.

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