Power Outage Essentials

Power Outage Essentials
A power outage can strike at anytime and then can be very scary. Here at Guardian Torch we are dedicated to keeping your home and family safe from danger.
We put together a list of 6 supplies that are essential for staying safe during a power outage.

1. Supplies for Light

Lighting is going to be the number one thing on the list, for good reasons. Everyone knows it is hard to do anything in the dark. Flashlights, candles, and lanterns are a good option. However, you may want something that isn’t going to need batteries and can last for many years to come. These items that are not running on batteries can last a while without you having to worry if you are going to make it through the outage without new batteries or a new candle.

2. Power Source

You are going to want to have a power source. This means batteries, generators, solar powered items, and liquid fuels. Plus, it is wise to have a stock of the five common battery types; D, C, 9V, AAA, AA. Solar powered phone chargers are a good option as well. Generators are a good option but are not necessary.

3. Heat

Heat is needed for cooking and warmth. Depending on where you live the warmth factor may be more used or less. You should have the power supplies as mentioned above because these can help supply electricity to space heaters, toasters, and other small appliances. Propane grills are a good source of heat and a place to cook when in an emergency.
However, it is important to keep blankets, warm clothes, and sleeping bags in an easy to access place to help provide more warmth.

4. Portable Water

It is essential to have water. We are not able to live without it and we still take it for granted. However, if you lose your power supply for an extended period of time, you are going to realize how much it is needed.
Keep drinking water in the basement or garage in case of an emergency. Keep an eye on the dates of expiration and swap out the water regularly. Pitchers that have filters are also a good option during this time as you can filter water for weeks.

5. Food

It is important that you have nonperishable foods. You should have this supply next to your water in case of an emergency. Most of the time the power is back on within a few hours but you never know when it may not come on for a while. Food that is nonperishable means that it does not need to be kept cold or warm for it to be good. Canned goods, snacks, drinks, and dry foods are all good options. Popular items are granola bars, soup, jerky, dried fruit, and cereals.
These foods are called nonperishable but they do have an expiration date. It is important that you are rotating the expired foods out so that in case of emergency you have access to food that is not going to make you sick. There are emergency food kits that can be purchased and stored for an extended period of time.

6. Medical Supplies

Many homes have their version of a first-aid kit, however, a lot of times it is not restocked and kept up with. This means that in a true emergency you will not have what you need. However, you should purchase a special first aid kit for your emergency shelter area. This kit should only be touched during emergencies to ensure that all the supplies are there.
If you are unable to purchase a kit, ensure you have plenty of wipes that are antiseptic, ointments including antibiotic and hydrocortisone, and bandages. It may also be a good idea to purchase heat and cold packs, W-tips, thermometer, tweezers, gloves, and general medication.


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