Most Bizarre Things Ever Stolen

Most Bizarre Things Ever Stolen
Thieves often take items of value and importance, however, in these cases the thieves may have went a little too far.
Some may even say they are crazy for taking these items because you cannot hide them, you cannot resell them easily, and the authorities will be looking for them.

1. Beach Sand by the Ton

In Jamaica a group of thieves stole tons of sand. We are talking hundreds of tons. They stole the sand from a beach that is found on the northern end of the island. This was a gutsy move because it took hundreds of loads of trucks to remove this sand. However, no arrests were made and it was believed to be tourists.

2. A Steel Bridge Weighing 10-Ton

This theft left a gap of a million dollars for the Czech Republic. The bridge was stolen on the eastern end of the town of Slavkov. The burglary is believed to be associated with the train gang. They also had forged paperwork claiming that the bridge had to come down.
The cost to replace this bridge will be millions. Not only was the bridge taken, about 650 feet of track was also damaged. The police believe that the metal was used for scrap to gain money. This is not unusual as people stealing metal is a common crime due to poverty.

3. Front Lawn Garden

A woman named Denise had a beautiful lawn. The lawn was thick and as green as could be. She enjoyed keeping it beautiful so that her and her four children could play. Plus, her two dogs loved it. She would sit out on the lawn and drink coffee daily.
It was a great and peaceful place until... someone stole it. There was no note left or anything. The family generally entered the home through the back door and when she opened the window, her grass was gone!
While it wasn’t a pleasant sight, it was believed to be a mistake made by a landscaping company. It was believed to be a mistaken address.

4. An Inflatable 350-Pound Gorilla

A car dealership had an inflatable gorilla as a part of their special deals going on. It was on the roof of their building and one day it was just gone. Many people assumed that the gorilla just deflated as it sometimes does during a windy day or night.
However, when someone went on the roof to re-inflate the gorilla, it was gone! No one knows why someone would steal an inflatable gorilla and how they would haul it away. Plus, the gorilla was held down by cables. It was more than a single person’s job.

5. A Live Shark

A shark was stolen from a New Hampshire shed. The shark was a special marble shark that was part of a breeding pair in the United Kingdom. It was the other half to the only breeding pair. It was taken from a Farnborough garden over a weekend. The owner went to work and found the shed door open and lights on. It was then he noticed the shark was missing.
The fish is from Indonesia and was worth over 2,500 dollars. Plus, the sharks had recently birthed six babies. The babies had lost their mother.
It was a thought that someone who came to see the sharks wanted the mother to try to breed their own baby sharks.
Now, you might not be at risk of losing a pet shark or anything. But thieves still want your jewelry, computers, TV’s, and just about anything valuable you own for themselves.
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