How To Theft-Proof Home Without Spending Too Much

How To Theft-Proof Home Without Spending Too Much
You might think that making a theft-proof home has to be expensive.
But there are many ways that you can protect your home on a budget. (Some are even free)

1.    Lock Windows and Doors

Windows with plants

This is very simple to do but many people forget. However, this step is important because based on statistics many people are looking for easy targets. In fact, most burglaries take an average of ten minutes. Keep in mind that about 34 percent of burglars had entered a front door and 23 percent entered a window on the first floor of a home. Easy access homes are going to be the easiest targets. This is why your windows and doors should always be locked if they are not being used. This includes when you are at home as well.

2.    Update Locks

If you haven’t replaced your locks in a while you may want to do some inventory. You should check to see if any locks are damaged and if there are keys missing. This means keys you borrowed to someone and never got back. Also, look for locks that can be easy to pick or bump open. If you are answering or seeing any of these options, you should replace the locks with more updated and harder to crack locks.

3.    Reinforce the Windows, Locks, and Doors

If you have solid locks but the door or window it is on is flimsy, there is no point. A burglar could kick or slam the door open in a matter of seconds. You should inspect all points of entry to the home. This is especially true for the first floor.
  • Replace exterior doors that are either hollow or thin. Especially replace if they are broken. If you want additional security, add a barricade or security bar.
  • Make sure that the hardware that holds the door in place is solid. Also, ensure that the metal plate where the lock goes into is properly installed.
  • Add locks to sliding doors and windows.
  • If windows are not able to close all the way or are old it may be time to get new ones.

4.    Motion-Sensing Lights

The quickest and easiest way to make your home feel safe if to attach Guardian Torch to the side of your home.
It uses military-grade motion detection to detect thieves and criminals entering your property. Once they enter the 120° area they will be blasted with 5 ultra-bright LEDs.
We recommend having one Guardian Torch at every entrance point of your home including front door, garage, back door, and any side doors or entrances. (I even have one on my shed to protect my valuables in there).

5.    Be Smart About that Hide-a-Key

When you use a hide-a-key it is important to be smart about it. Do not place it in the normal predictable spots. This includes under the doormat, flowerpots, and near the door. This is the first place a burglar is going to look for a key. You should give it to a trusted neighbor or if you must, use unexpected hiding places. Keep these places moving and rotating so it is not always in the same spot.

6.    Valuables Should Be Out of Sight

You should keep your valuables hidden and you should not be flashy with them. This includes tools, bikes, and other items that are easy to grab. Keep these items in the garage and keep the garage locked when these items are not used.
Use blinds and curtains to keep people from peeking into your home. Plus, put away items that are the most valuable. Do not leave them lying around for people to see. This includes electronics, cash, personal documents, and jewelry. None of these items should be in plain sight. Using a safe is always a great option to help protect important and valuable items.
You now know how to easily protect your home from unwanted visitors. Plus, you do not have to spend a fortune to do it!


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