How to Secure Your Lawn Equipment This Summer

How to Secure Your Lawn Equipment This Summer
There has been a serious spike in thefts of lawn equipment in the past five years.
This was blamed on the poor economy. However, the criminals have not gone anywhere. They are always looking for something valuable of yours to steal!

A Story First Hand

A company located in Michigan was reminded of just that. They noticed at around five in the morning, some men were snooping around their landscaping storage yard. Soon after, these men who were in the storage yard had taken off with one of their tractor/trailer rigs. This trailer that was taken has about four lawnmowers and other handheld items. The final price tag was about 100,000. The company called the police as soon as they noticed it, however, their trailer and truck were set on fire and the equipment was nowhere to be found. Let this be a lesson to those who have any type of lawn equipment in their yard or possession.

How to Protect Yourself

Now we know that most of us are not going to have an arsenal of lawn equipment in our yards.
But burglars and thieves are out to make a quick buck. This oftentimes means that they will steal anything of value on the premises. Lately, they have been stealing lawn equipment because it is outside and they do not have to do much to steal it. Let us take a deeper look at how to protect yourself and your equipment.

1. Motion Sensor Lights

Our number 1 recommendation is to always start with motion detected LED lights on your property. Our Guardian Torch is the quickest & easiest way to protect your expensive lawn equipment. I personally put 2 up on my shed to keep my weed hacker and lawnmower safe (I spent a pretty penny on them!!)
You won’t have to worry about waking up with hundreds of dollar of precious lawn equipment gone forever.

2. Chains & Padlocks

You should make sure your lawn equipment is safe and secure. This could mean using chains and/or padlocks. There are a lot of other accessories that can be bought to help ensure your handheld equipment is safe. These are oftentimes trailer accessories that can be put on.

3. Keys

You should never leave your keys for any of your equipment near or in the equipment itself. This leads to an easy steal and go. I recommend keeping the keys inside your main house and not even in the same shed or storage area.

4. GPS Tracking Devices

These devices should be placed on your trucks and even some of your more expensive equipment. GPS tracking devices should at least be on the larger mowers that you own. This can help find your equipment should it be stolen, but also help you improve your routing and cut down on the time that cannot be billed. Because your crew knows that they are being tracked, they are less likely to waste time.

5. Insurance

If you have a lot of lawn equipment, you should make sure you have good insurance to cover it. Some insurances cover damage but not theft. Make sure you are choosing insurance that will cover theft as well.

6. Decals/Identifying Markers

You should put decals or identifying markers on your equipment. This makes it easier to find and harder to hide. These decals or markers should be hard to remove. This makes it harder for a criminal to sell your equipment after they have stolen it. Plus, it also means they are less likely to steal it in the first place.

7. Register Your Equipment

When you buy lawn equipment the dealer should automatically do this for you. This means that your serial number can be tracked. It if is stolen and resold, it can be tracked with the serial number. Each piece of equipment should be registered so that the serial number is associated with your name.
Burglars are always out to make a dime and each time it is something different that is going to be targeted.
Don’t Forget: You can protect your precious valuables with our motion-detected Guardian Torch. You can set it up in just a few minutes to stop the constant worry of your home being invaded and valuables stolen.


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