How to Secure A Garage Door From The Inside

How to Secure A Garage Door From The Inside
Many people are unaware that they can fortify their garage doors from the inside. Many people believe garage doors are secure because they are big and hard to life.
But the reality is an intruder can get access to your garage in seconds.
A few days ago I told you the dangers of a criminal getting into your garage and gave you some general tips on how to make it more secure.
But due to your questions and concerns I put together a list of 4 ways you can secure/lock your garage door from the inside.
Doing these things can help secure your home and make your family feel safe at night.

1. Unplug the Door Opener

If you have an older garage door and you have older openers, a thief can easily open your door with what is known as a code grabber. The thief will get a signal from the remote and open the garage with this special device. When they grab the signal, they have easy access into your garage. You should unplug the door opener if you are leaving for a longer period of time or if you are sleeping and no one is leaving.

2. Zip Tie the Emergency Release Latch

All garage doors have an emergency release latch. This is if you lose power and cannot open the garage door with the button. Thieves take advantage of this to gain entry into your garage. They can do this with a clothes hanger. It is quite simple and it takes less than six minutes. You should put a zip tie around the latch. This means that the door cannot be pulled or opened.

3. Lock the Vertical Track

If you lock the vertical track, the door cannot be opened. You just simply need a padlock with a key. Put this lock on the vertical track and the door is unable to be opened manually or with the opener. There are holes located all along the vertical track to put a padlock in. If you find that your track has no holes, simply drill one and add your padlock.

4. Side Lock the Garage Door

This allows you to lock the garage door inside. The lock will attach to the inside of the door and will slide into the vertical track and lock the door. Keep in mind that your garage door may not have an area for the latch to slide into. If this is the case, there is generally a square that can be removed. You can install this lock with four bolts. If you notice there are no holes, you can make your own holes. This can be purchased for less than ten dollars and it takes less than fifteen minutes to install.
But if you don’t want a criminal to even get close to your garage door, just install our Guardian Torch.
Right when an intruder steps into the range of your garage, Guardian Torch will blast them with 5 ultra bright LED lights and deter them from getting close to your garage.
Keeping your precious valuables stored inside secure and making sure your family is safe inside your home.


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