How Long Does An Average Burglary Take

How Long Does An Average Burglary Take
Many people assume that burglars take their sweet time inside a home.
However, burglars are pretty quick to remove themselves from the situation with what they want.
The average burglar only takes a minute to break into the home and a total of eight to twelve minutes to burglarize the house.

In the First Minute

When a burglar is on your property, they are taking a single minute to lurk outside. They are going to look to see if there are signs of someone being home and assess your house as a potential target. They want to make sure it is worth it to go into the house.
Often, a burglar will ring the doorbell or knock on the front door to see if anyone is home. If someone does answer they will ask for information and ask questions. They even may simply pretend they have the wrong house.
If no one answers the door and it seems like no one is home, they go to the back of the house. This is where there will be few witnesses and they can break into your home.
In less than a minute they are inside the home and looking for your expensive ticket items. Burglars are going to start in the master bedroom and work their way through the rest of the home.
They will ransack the place because that is the easiest way to find items and the quickest way as well. They are looking to steal a lot. They will then either flee on foot or call their getaway car to come to get them.

Where Do Your Items Go Once They are Stolen?

Once you are burglarized, your items turn to cash. This means that the items that were stolen are being sold or pawned for cash as quickly as possible.
Most of the time they will do it where they can be anonymous. This would include eBay, pawnshops, or Craigslist. Once items are sold on here, they are hard to find.
Burglary Statistics
In the United States alone, in a single year, there are over 2.2 billion burglaries. This means that by the time you read this article, over five homes will be burglarized. A home is broken into every fifteen seconds.
Home burglaries are 70 percent of that total of 2.2 billion burglaries. Burglars are typically going to be striking in the summer months. Typically, you see more burglaries in July and August. The south of the United States has about 47 percent of the burglaries. This is because it is generally warm all year. The Midwest and the West account for about 21 percent of the burglaries each. And the Northeast has the remaining 11 percent. Ohio is going to be the state that experiences the most burglaries in the country.
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