Do Burglars Strike Twice?

Do Burglars Strike Twice?
A commonly asked question is, do burglars strike twice? Well, yes, they do in some cases.
Burglars have robbed the same house multiple times. We have some more information about these “double-strike” burglaries.

How Often Do Burglars Return to the Same Home?

Many studies have been done and according to these results, over fifty percent of people were robbed twice within a month. Burglars were returning to their crime scene and they were not waiting long to return. This tells you they strike twice and they may strike quickly after the first one.

Why Do They Return to the Same Home?

Many people are often confused as to why a burglar would go to the same home. This doesn’t make sense if you and I really think about it. Plus, returning to the scene of the crime, they aren’t supposed to do that. This is especially true since the homeowner is probably taking more precautions after they burglarized it the first time. However, this does not matter to a burglar. A burglar is going to return to the crime scene for many reasons.

1.  Familiar with the Home’s Layout

A burglar may return to a home twice because they know how the home is laid out. If the burglar chooses not to return to your home, they will often choose a home that has a familiar layout to yours. If a burglar is familiar with the layout, it makes it easier to get in and out without getting caught.

2.  Most Homeowners Replace Their Expensive Equipment Quickly

When people are robbed, many homeowners are going to be replacing the items that have the largest price tag the quickest. This means that the televisions and DVD players, as well as gaming systems, are back in the house pretty fast. This means that the burglar already assumes you have these items and can return and steal them again for a great profit. Plus, people oftentimes will upgrade their items when they buy them. This means the newer items are more expensive than the old ones.

3.  Less Effort

For someone burglarizing homes, it will take them less effort and less risk to burglarize a home that they know is a good target. They know the layout, they know the money situation, and they know what is in that home for value. It is simply a lot easier for a burglar to strike the same house twice than to go somewhere new.

4.  They Know Exits and Entrances

If your home was already struck by a burglar, they know how to get in and out without being seen. This is why they come back. It is easier the second time around than the first. Plus, they already know which way they have to go.

5.  Protective Measures Not Taken

If a burglar can successfully rob your home without a problem, they know that you are not taking protective measures. Even after a burglary, many people do not take measures to protect their items or their homes.

6.  Valuables

A burglar has been in your home. They know what they took the first time and what they left behind. This is why some may return. They may want the items they did not have a chance to take the first time around.
A person who has been a victim of a burglary or is scared to be a victim, should take precautions.


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