Burglars Reveal What Makes Certain People Targets

Many people do not realize that they are an easy target for a burglar.
And some burglars have revealed what they look out for when scoping out houses…

1. Your Home Is Empty During the Daytime

Many people think that most robberies are going to take place at night. Why? Well, movies oftentimes portray this. In a movie, people break-in when the family is sleeping. However, according to burglars in real life, this is not the case. If you have someone at home, they are not going to rob the place. This is because it will lead them to get caught much easier. People prefer to burglarize a home when no one is there.
If your home is vacant during the day you could be an easy target. This is especially true if there is a routine time when the house is empty. For example, working from 8-4 each day will leave a wide gap for your home to be empty.

2. Unlocked Doors and Windows

This may be one of the most obvious things to do to help protect your home, however, many people do not take this precaution and thieves know it. According to burglars, you would not believe how many people do not lock their doors. In fact, one burglar walked into a classmate's dorm room and took gaming systems, laptops, bikes, and textbooks without having to do anything other than turn the doorknob.

3. Garbage and Mail Are Piling Up

When you go on vacation the last thing you think about is your mail. However, it should be one of the first things on the list. If you go on vacation and let your mail pile up, this is a clear indicator that you are not home. An overflowing mailbox is a jackpot for a burglar. You should always make sure to contact your mail carrier to let them know that you are leaving and that they should hold your mail and newspaper until a certain date.
Plus, if you go out of town, do not follow the tricks you may see. Some people leave lights on and leave their TV on very loud. Burglars are not fooled by this because who is up at two in the morning on a Sunday? These methods may have you thinking that you are protecting your home, but in reality, you are making it more at risk. Simply leave a few lights on and have someone either pick up your mail and newspaper or have the post office hold it for you.

4. Your Backyard is Easily Accessible

The most convenient way to enter the home will be the one a burglar will choose. Many people will enter through a back window because they are less likely to be seen and get caught. Plus, if your home is not fenced-in, it is even easier for a burglar to enter the home through the back.

5. You Have a Window Air Conditioning Unit

It may help you keep cool, but it also may help a burglar get into your home really easily. A burglar will simply push the unit inside and then unlock the doors if they have an accomplice. Plus, if they do not find anything of value in the home, they will take the air conditioner in for scrap and get the money this way. Either way, if you can you should have central air conditioning. However, if this is not an option for you, you can install bars on the outside of the unit. Make a metal box of bars that surrounds the unit to make it harder to gain entry.
What doesn’t make your home an easy target and makes it a scary sight for a burglar is our Guardian Torch.
At night when they approach your home, the military grade sensors will detect their motion and blind them with 5 ultra-bright LED lights.
Exposing them and causing them to flee your property. Keeping you and your family safe.


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