Best Privacy Plants For Your Backyard

Best Privacy Plants For Your Backyard
Most of us hate feeling exposed in our homes, where people might be able to look from the street straight into your house.
But there are some plants that can give you that sense of security and privacy you are looking for! We put out together a quick list for you.
Here are some plants that are especially well-suited to creating a sense of privacy in your backyard.


Arborvitae has the resemblance of a thick bush, but technically it is a tree in the conifer family.  It’s extremely fast-growing and not difficult to maintain either.   There are actually five different species within this genus of plant, and you can find a species to fit just about any growing environment.
Some species are ideal for wetter soils and some to dry soils.  There is also variation in the height of this plant, you can find one that will only grow to three or four feet while another can reach as high as seventy feet.
A huge advantage to arborvitae is that within only one or two years of planting, you can expect to have an adequate natural barrier to give you some backyard privacy.


Though it has the appearance of a tubular, narrow tree, bamboo is technically a woody grass.  Bamboo is fast-growing and easy to maintain.  It tends to grow thick, so once it gets established it creates a substantial barrier that is effective and pleasing to the eye.
Like many plants, bamboo prefers plenty of sunlight and it has an ideal soil type, but it can actually thrive in almost every type of environment, even ones with low sunlight.  Once established bamboo requires hardly any care at all, in fact, it thrives so much that sometimes you need to construct a barrier in the ground to keep it from spreading to wildly.


The boxwood is a shrub for all seasons.  It tends to remain very green even in the dead of winter, so you can count on keeping that sense of privacy even when it’s quite chilly outside.  In the summer it keeps that same lush green but creates a nice backdrop for the other flowers in your yard.
When you’re trying to create a living fence out of boxwoods, the thickness of the shrub prevents the middle from receiving adequate air and sunlight.  If you notice the shrub dying a little bit in the middle simply cut back that portion of the plant.
This will help to keep it healthy and will allow some greater air circulation throughout.
Boxwoods are easy to care for and create a nice living privacy fence.  They are easy to care for, all that they require is cutting back dead portions, and well-drained soil.


Wisteria is a flowering plant known for its lavender blooms, but it can also have violet, white, and pink blooms.  So if you’re looking for privacy but want something dazzling and beautiful, then wisteria is a wonderful option.
While known for these colorful blooms in the spring and summer, its fall colors are beautiful as well.  The trunk and branches twist into elegant shapes in the winter, making this a wonderful privacy plant at any time of the year.
If you receive less than one inch of rain per week, it doesn't hurt to water a bit, but otherwise, this is a hardy plant that you will not have to fuss with.
With a handful of seeds, soil, water, sunlight, and a little bit of time, you can create a natural privacy wall.  A living boundary made of beautiful plants will ensure that no one is observing your backyard family activities.


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