5 Habits That Attract Burglars

5 Habits That Attract Burglars
When we go about our day as usual, we can develop habits that make you a prime target for burglars. Endangering your family and putting your valuables at risk of being stolen.
I put together a list of 4 habits that can make your home look like a “gold-mine”  for criminals.

1. Let the Grass Grow

Most of the time burglaries are at their highest during the summer months when people are on away on vacation. This is because their grass is let to grow and their gardens are allowed to grow weeds. If you are at home make sure that your yard is kept up. You should keep your grass cut and if you do have to leave, make sure that someone will mow your grass while you are away.
Keep in mind that people are more likely to break into houses if the front door is guarded by bushes or shrubs that are overgrown. These overgrown bushes and shrubs cause the front door or first-story windows to be blocked which makes for a great entry point for burglars.

2. No Lights On

When you are not home the lights are off and it means that no one is home. This makes it easy for a burglar to get in and out.
That’s where our Guardian Torch really shines. Even when your entire home’s lights are off at night, Guardian Torch is constantly scanning for any criminal’s motion. The second they get in range they will be blinded with the LED lights and scared off your property.

3. Leaving the Table Cluttered

If someone is going to enter your home, they are going to take a peek through windows to make sure it is worth their time. If you leave your valuable items in plain sight, it makes your home an easier target. You shouldn't leave your keys or jewelry in plain sight. You do not want to leave cash or cards in plain sight either.
You can also lay decoys. Lay fake jewelry on the table or in the bedroom so that burglars believe you do not have valuables. The burglar may leave and not enter the home or they will take the fake jewelry and leave your valuables thinking they have all the real items in their hand.

4. Daily Routine

For a burglar to get to know a little about you, it doesn’t take him or her long. Keep in mind that the average age of a burglar is 25 years of age. They will oftentimes live within a two-mile radius of the person being burglarized. This means that they know what your daily routine is. They know when the house is empty and they know when you are home.
Try switching it up every once in a while, take a different car if you have one. You can even ride a bike or walk occasionally if the destination is close enough, so your car will still be in the driveway.  
You probably did not even know that these simple things could make your home at risk for burglary.
However, you are now educated and are ready to go. Protect yourself and be safe.
And once again, to get the peace of mind at night knowing your home is protected even after you turn off the lights, just install our Guardian Torch.
It will “work the night shift” detecting any intruders motion and lighting them up with ultra bright LEDs, to stop them from advancing on your property.
Featured image via Safewise


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