20 Secret Hiding Places For Your Valuables

20 Secret Hiding Places For Your Valuables
When a thief breaks into your home, they hit the usual hiding places like top drawers or dressers and under the mattress. And if your stuff is there, you are out of luck..
But I have 15 hiding places that can leave burglars empty handed when you leave your home.

1. The Back or Underneath a Drawer

Drawers do not go all the way to the inside of the cabinet. This means that there is space between the wall and the drawer. There is also space underneath a drawer as well. You can grab an envelope and put your important documents or cash in either place.

2. Buried

You can get a small Tupperware container and put your valuables in this. Then put it on the bottom of an unused cat litter box or bag. No one will dig through here.

3. In the Open

You can use any type of household item that is not worth a lot, to put valuables in. This could be an old printer, toys, old vacuums or anything of that nature. Just be sure to let your family know that you have items in there so they are not donated.

4. Vents

If you have a dryer vent around your house, this is a good place to hide a key. Simply glue a magnet to the key and put it in the vent. If your hood is not metal, you can put a magnet inside the vent as well.

5. Air-Return Stash

You cut an opening that will fit a return air grille. You will want to then cut off the screws and just glue the heads into place. You will use drywall screws, four of them, in the corners so that they fit inside the rim. Then, simply glue some magnets to the back so they can line up with the head of the screws.

6. Fake Stair Tread

This one takes a little more effort but makes for a good place to hide valuables. You can free tread from the stairs and put a piano hinge on the back. It will be nearly invisible.

7. In a Clock

If you have a clock in your home that is not valuable, you can store valuables in it! You can tape them to the back or put your valuables inside the clock.

8. False-Bottomed Drawer

You should pick a drawer that is naturally deeper so that it will not be so obvious when the depth changes. Make a false opening at the bottom to store valuables. You can do this yourself and it does not take much to do.

9. Kid’s Room

Many people do not look into the kid’s rooms because it is usually useless items. You can put valuables in this room, just make sure your kids can’t find it either.

10. Hidey-Hole in the Cabinet

Between the upper cabinets, there is generally a half an inch gap. You can hang items in this gap in an envelope.

11. Box Inside a Box

If you have a large box or container that is unappealing, you can label it decorations or books. Then put a smaller box with your valuables in this container.

12. Toe-Kick Hideaway

Under your kitchen cabinets, you will find about a four-inch gap. You can hide your valuables here. You may need a few carpentry skills but you can install these fairly easy.

13. Pens/Markers/Highlighters

To have an on the go stash for your cash, simply pop the end off of a marker, pen, or highlighter and remove the cartridge of ink inside. You can roll cash into this and put the end back on.

14. Appliances

There is often a grille on the front of a dishwasher or fridge, you can put a lot of items under there. However, keep in mind that you want to make sure that your items are not blocking the airflow as it could damage the fridge.

15. Stuffed Animals

A lot of stuffed animals have Velcro backings that you can stash items inside. This is a good place to put items because who is going to think there is money inside the unicorn?
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