10 Things to Never Leave Outside

10 Things to Never Leave Outside
No matter what the weather, what the occasion, or what it is, these items should never be left outside.

1. Toys in the Front Yard

Toys are going to deduct curb appeal and make it dangerous. If you are leaving toys in the front yard where they are easily seen, burglars can target your home. They know that you have items that you can leave lying around so what do you have inside for them? Leaving toys around outdoors generally indicates expensive gaming items or electronics indoors.

2. The Dog

Dogs should not be left outdoors for long periods. Dogs are pack animals which mean they are going to require love and companionship. If they are alone in the backyard or tied up, they will not receive thi8s. When dogs are alone, they could become bored and this can result in destructive or bad behavior. Digging, chewing, and aggressiveness are all signs of a dog that has been left alone too long. Not to mention, dogs are susceptible to weather and other animals such as coyotes.

3. Bikes

Wind and rain can damage bicycles. Rust will form and plastic and rubber on the bike will start to break. Not to mention, the colors will fade fast.

4. Herbicides and Pesticides

Leaving these items out for anyone can be dangerous. Any people or animals that get into these items can be harmed. This is especially true for pets and children.

5. Your Car

You should keep your car indoors because it will not only help the car last longer, it isn’t as likely to be stolen. Cars are also susceptible to extreme heat and cold. In the sun your car's tires and battery life will be shorter and the paint will be worn down. The winter allows for cold animals to find a home and make shorts. Plus, hail or ice can damage paint or windows.

6. Electronics

Those who have covered patios are generally going to leave electronics on them. This includes televisions, stereos, and other equipment. The heat and cold can damage these electronics even if they are not in the rain or sun. Plus, if the rain and sun get to them it could damage them as well. Even if these items are covered, animals may feast on the wires.

7. Shoes

If you leave shoes outdoors for too long you may be in for a serious and slimy surprise. The soles of shoes are great homes for bugs, mice, and even other smaller animals. Plus, they nibble holes and leave their feces in the shoe as well. Plus, the mixture of rain, snow, or sun can cause mildew growth which leaves a nasty smell.

8. Trash

You always want the trash out of the house before the bag overflows. We understand, however, do not leave them sitting outside for extended periods either. Trash that is left in the heat can produce foul odors and create airborne bacteria. Not to mention, leftover food can attract pests that are not going to be nice to you. Keep in mind if the animals get into your trash, you have a lot of cleaning to do in the morning. You should keep trash inside until it is a garbage day.

9. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is made for the outdoors but it should not be kept outdoors. It should only be outdoors if you are outdoors. Sunscreen that is left outdoors can burn you when applied to the skin. Plus, the heat makes it less effective from the sun’s rays. Not to mention, the tube could explode due to the heat.

10. The Boat

You should take precautions when taking care of a boat. It should have proper storage and protective covering. When left outdoors the seats will fade, the paint will rust, and it can become dirty and moldy. Sheds or large buildings should be used to store a boat.
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